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Elite Coding Solutions, LLC, services allows Physicians to spend more time with their patients.  Practices benefit by having a certified professional billing representative that is dedicated to their billing needs.  Elite Coding Solution, LLC, is committed to collecting what is owed to your office. 
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  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Claims Filing
  • Real Time Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic claims submission for fast payments
  • All claims are scrubbed before submission, reducing the rejection rates
  • Unpaid claims and appeals are followed upon a daily bases, which eliminates backlog
  • Patient Statements
  • Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments
  • Using the latest web based technologies, services can be customized to your pratice
  • Focusing on client satisfaction and collecting on 95% of all claims that are submitted
  • Comprehensive monthly reports upon request   
  • All processes are HIPAA Compliant 

Elite Coding Solutions, LLC, is dedicated to making sure our client's billing cycle is operating at an optimum level of efficiency that will increase revenue.

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Address:  4251 FM 2181, Ste 230-150 Corinth, TX 76210
Phone:     1-855-313-9219
Fax:         940-808-1482
Email:      jsmith@elitecodingsolutionsllc.com

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